Opening in Kobe, Hyogo JAPAN.
January 2020

At the heart of HAKKEI is the culinary coquetry of Ryosuke Kawai. He has experience as a sous-chef at the Michelin one-star French restaurant in Bourgogne and Hyogo. Starting with a three-star Michelin Spanish restaurant in Hyogo JAPAN. As HAKKEI’ head chef he masters the artistry of distilling taste and smell from the landscape of Hyogo, combining them in exquisite dishes. The palate is local, uncompromisingly Hyogo. The young avant-gardes at HAKKEI use Hyogo produce, both coarse and fine, ancient and modern, always keeping an eye on sustainability, leaving the hills that bring forth the good fruit to flourish. HAKKEI follows the seasons and what they bring forth, transforming ancient culinary tradition into modern delicacies. The simple and pure, what is fresh and traditional are characteristic of HAKKEI.

Join the HAKKEI Family

HAKKEI Restaurant is looking for peers who will make the opening together in January 2020.
Please call directly the restaurant opening preparation room (078-599-6002) or send a resume by e-mail.
Nationality is not required. If you can speak English, you don’t have to be able to speak Japanese.
We are waiting for your application.